Kleanthis' personal history mirrors that of Cyprus. He was born in 1958 in Kerynia, on the northern shores of the island, one of a family of eight. When Kleanthis was only 16, Cyprus became divided and Kleanthis had to leave for the south.  He finished his education in Athens. and has worked in Athens, Crete and England.  He now lives in Gialia Cyprus where he has his workshop.

He has worked for the Antiquities department of Cyprus and is also involved in the replica ship, Kerynia Liberty in conjunction with an American Archaeological Research team.

He has recently carved a replica anchor from an oak tree felled in Gialia.



Kleanthis was present at the discovery of this sarcophagus dating back to the 5th century BC: unfortunately only half of the lid was intact but he was able to hand carve an exact replica of the missing half to fit with the original. This exhibit is now on display at Kouklia Museum, Paphos


Kleanthis with Susan Kazev American Archaeologist who worked on the Kyrenia wreck

This photograph shows a triumphant Kleanthis at the moment he discovered the method used by the ancient sailors to load 400 amphorae onto the original Kerynia ship. This ship and all its contents sank off Kerynia (on the north coast of Cyprus) during the time of Alexander the Great: it was raised in 1969 and is now on display in Kerynia Castle, but it had previously seemed improbable that the ship could have carried such an enormous cargo.

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Pictured here with Laina Swiny and Robin Piercy who are currently researching the Kyrenia shipwreck